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CS Collective works everyday with private investors that want an alternative source of return on their investment funds. Typically we find that our investors are either private investors or self-managed superfund personnel that aren’t satisfied with the returns their funds or banks are providing.

Where we are different is that we offer project specific funding opportunities that allow your funds to be injected into one or multiple projects at a time.

We provide our investors with clear project equity and feasibility positions that shows our “skin in the game” as well as the project viability to give you ensured confidence that your money is secure. Our transparency is then supported with Director personal guarantees and formal structures/loan documents.

What we offer:

  • We offer returns of 8-15% on your money, calculated per annum. Depending on project specifics, our development pipeline and the intended duration of the capital being used for will determine the interest rate we offer.
  • Typically, funds are required for 12-18 months; however, short-term capital (6-9 months) is often required for construction funding purposes.
  • If your funds are being spread across several projects we can offer a higher interest rate and still pay your interest calculated on a per annum basis.
  • Interest is paid at the completion of each project which you then have the option to withdraw your funds or keep them invested with us (pending our development pipeline).
If you are interested in investing in one of our current or upcoming projects please contact us today and we can organise a meeting or send you some more information.